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Don't I know you from somewhere?

At the start of a GirlGuiding bike ride to Geneva

Hi! I'm Tamsyn and I'm a busy person. Most people see me rushing from one place to another, often late and usually trailing a number of children (who may or may not be actually mine!)

I've been running Starry Night Sewing for two years now, but most people know me through one of my other roles in life.

I am (in no particular order):

* a mother of five children

* a wife of 18 years

* owner of four cats

* a Guide Leader

* a Beaver Scout helper

* treasurer of the preschool my children attended

* a member of the PSA for our infant school

* a former postwoman

* a handbell ringer

* a cyclist

* a prolific crafter - I knit, crochet, spin, weave, dye, sew, cross stitch and embroider regularly and enter local shows hoping to do well in the judging.

Unfortunately, the way that my brain is wired (I have Aspergers') means that I don't have a great ability to recognise people and remember their names. So if you meet me somewhere and I don't seem to recognise you, I'm not being rude, just nudge me a reminder!

I love to create things and I've been crafting since I was very small. I come from a family of crafters who have taught and inspired me to try many different things.

It took a very long time for me to find my true passion, but after watching the first series of The Great British Sewing Bee, I was determined to rediscover sewing and make things for myself and my children. The vast resources on the internet enabled me to learn new techniques whenever I needed them and I've progressed from beginner to professional with the help and the support of my family.

My children wearing the wedding outfits I made in one week

I often come up with mad ideas of things to make at very short notice, but I often find that I work better to a deadline. When I have a show approaching, I'm working non-stop for long hours in the run up, making sure that I have lots of choices for my customers.

My 'sewing room' also doubles as our family living/dining room as our house isn't big enough for my own room. I've upgraded from a single sewing machine to my current set up of four different machines. I have a sewing machine for sewing woven fabrics, an overlocker for stretch fabrics and a coverstitch machine for hems and top stitching. Not forgetting, of course, the enormous embroidery machine that creates some of the magic.

My life is very busy, but I make time for the things I care about. I'm hoping that the next academic year goes well - my children are at only four different schools this year (I managed five for the last two years), but I'm stepping up at Guides to run a unit with my eldest daughter and have lots of different adventures with them.

Til next time, when I'll share some of the reasons why you should consider buying handmade clothing.

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